Friday, May 30, 2014

Best international uses of Chase Hyatt Visa free night certificates

One of the benefits of the Chase Hyatt Visa card is an annual free night at any hyatt hotel category 1-4.  Since the annual fee on this card is 75$, if you value a free night at greater than 75$ it would be worth while to continue to carry this card.  Keep in mind that these free nights expire after one year.  As I mentioned in my prior post on the best domestic redemption options there are several great hotels which you can easily get upwards of 300$ in value from your 75$ annual fee investment.

Obviously, price per night is not the only factor in deciding where to redeem your free night.  The best option for you could easily be a $100/night property in an area where you were already planning on paying out of pocket for a room.  Below is a list of my top international category 4 properties.

The full list of category 4 hotels can be found here.

Best International Free Night Options:

1. Park Hyatt Toronto: Category 4.  While this hotel is in need of an upgrade, it does carry the Park Hyatt label - and that means understated luxury and top notch customer service.  This is number one on my list of international properties because it is so accessible.  Toronto is an easy drive from my home town.  Peak season rates here go for upwards of $300/night

2. Hyatt Regency Paris Etole: Category 4.  Anyone who has been to paris (especially during peak season) knows that accommodations can easily make a huge dent in your travel budget.  While this hotel is a little outside of the main tourist areas it is still fairly easily accessible.  Rates run around $300/night

3. Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, Costa Rica: Category 4.  This hotel is a new addition to the category 4 lineup meaning you can now use your free night certificate here.  From what I have seen of this hotel online it looks amazing and I am very close to booking a trip to Costa Rica just to check it out.  It is fairly close to Liberia Airport but far from San Jose.  Daily rates are close to $400/night for most dates.

4. Park Hyatt, Seoul: Category 4.  This one has been near the top of my dream hotel list thanks in part to the amazing bathrooms and stunning design.  If I ever make it to Seoul, this is where I am staying.  The advance purchase rate here is about $360/night

5. Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai China: Category 4.  This hotel is endowed with great location and great views over the Shanghai skyline.  Average rates here are in the $250/night range.

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