Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Island - Budget Lodging

Easter Island has a reputation for being an extremely poor value when it comes to accommodations.  You don't need a degree in economics to realize why.  Supply is limited on the most remote inhabited island on earth and demand is high as many people have a visit to this tiny island on their bucket list.  Even a simple guest house will cost you as much as a 4 star resort elsewhere. 

I was able to make an award booking on LAN airlines using American Airlines miles.  Given that the flight was free, I wasn't too keen on ruining my cost savings on an expensive hotel.  After exploring all the options I ended up opting for Camping Mihinoa.  Now, I realize that camping isn't for everyone but if you are willing to opt for a tent instead of a hotel room, this is an excellent option.  The cost is $12 per person per night if staying 3 or more nights and 14$ per person per night if staying 1 or 2 nights.  That price includes transportation from the airport, a tent already set up on your arrival, a sleeping bag and a foam pad.  Wifi is also available for 5$ for the entire stay.  The campground is located right on the ocean and it is about 2 miles from the center of town (walkable).  They also have a car that is available for rental at a cost of 50$ a day.   

I will post more about my time on Easter Island soon!

View up the shoreline from the campsite

My tent

Rental car - 50$ a day


  1. Wow wifi for $5? Where's the access to electricity?

  2. Electricity access is available in the main lodge and also the dining building.