Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo of the Week: Estonia/Russia

Narva is a city situated along Estonia's border with Russia.  In this picture the fortress on the left is in Estonia and the one on the right is in Ivangorod, Russia.  The Estonian fortress was originally founded by the Danes in the 1200's when they ruled much of Estonia.  My journey here was part of my failed attempt to get a last minute Russian visa and travel to St. Petersburg.   I was traveling in the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and figured a short side trip to Russia would be fun.  Having little experience dealing with Russian bureaucracy I figured I would catch a bus headed east and see where I ended up.  My plan was stopped short here in Narva where at least i could claim to have "seen" Russia.  As a tip, if you intend on visiting Russia, plan to have proof of sponsorship (from your hotel or a local) as well as some patience and a few months of advance planning.  

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