Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kimpton Hotels Status Match and Free Nights

I recently matched my Hyatt diamond to Kimpton inner circle.  This generally requires 15 nights a year and since my Hyatt Diamond trial membership was about to expire I figured I'd go for it.  What initially drew my attention to Kimpton was an influx of positive reviews that I got from people who stayed with them.  From what I've heard Kimpton does an excellent job in providing a very personalized experience.  As I was perusing their website i noticed that they have a program where they offer inner circle members a free night and 50$ dining credit at any of their new hotels - no strings attached.  A few days after having my status upgraded to inner circle level i called about this benefit.  I was able to book a night at the Hotel Monaco in Philly and the Donovan House in DC.  Ill let you know how those 1 night mini trips turn out.  For the price (free) you cant really beat it.

Edit: Please see my review from the Donovan House

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